Call Sign since 5.2.2015

About us

We all are like a big family, who like to operate with radios to all over the world... We got sereval young members and dozen OM's who can support everyone of us.

We like DXing
We like contesting
We like digital modes
We like computers
We like to repair and construct elektronical stuff

Yes - We enjoy our HAM hobby by our own way

btw ... Why name "OldHouseRadioClub"

OldHouse = OH = Finland

OldHouse = Our hamshack has been build in year 1952 (old?)

and last, but not least:

OldHouse means "Vanhatalo" in finnish language
what is our family name !

CU in PileUps - 73 de Juha, OH5CW 

mail to Juha: