Call Sign since 5.2.2015


We got two towers on backyard.
Smaller is 27 meters high and other one is 32 meters high.

Smaller mast contains 5 beams:
Tribander Cushcraft  A4S
18MHz 4el monoband yagi
24MHz 5el monoband yagi
14MHz 3el monoband yagi (EU)
21MHz 3el monoband yagi (EU)
26-30 MHz 5/8l vertical

And Bigger tower contains sereval antennas:
28 MHz 6el monoband yagi
21 MHz 5 over 5 monoband yagis
14 MHz 5el monoband yagi
7 MHz rotate dipole
3.5/10 MHz 2x slopers (guyline)
1.8 MHz sloper/vertical (guyline)
50 MHz  6el monoband yagi
144 MHz 17el monoband yagi

On backyard we have:
80m - dipole and 2el phased verticals
40m - 4 square phased verticals
30m - vertical

All antennas are designed
and produced by OH5C -team.
(except A4S and 10m vert)


Icom IC-7300 (sdr)

Yaesu FT-1000MP + Challenger II
Yaesu FTdx1200 + TL922
Yaesu FT-450
Yaesu FT-857
Icom IC-735
Icom IC-706

Bandpass filters from Dunestar and DUAL Serbia